The only decentralized ID protection, trust, and compliance ecosystem


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Peer Mountain protects personal data during all transactions and rewards identity and trust verification.

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Effortless SSID & Compliance

Peer Mountain is the first decentralized trust marketplace that connects self-sovereign identity (SSID) owners with regulatory-compliant businesses and institutions.

Every entity in the Peer Mountain ecosystem can create and own encrypted, verified records of their digital identities, relationships, and proof of activities. Consumers get effortless self-sovereign identity; organizations get swift, affordable compliance with data protection regulation.

Read the short form white paper

Secure Transactions Without Compromise

Individuals and organizations can share information securely using any application in Peer Mountain’s ecosystem of trust. By linking sovereign identities and organizations, Peer Mountain is creating a safe and efficient marketplace across disparate entities operating in the global economy.

Patent-pending Peerchain technology keeps data portable, verifiable, and secure.

Read the short form white paper

Decentralized Trust & Protection

Even the most advanced centralized data storage and transmission methods are vulnerable to outside attacks. Companies are looking for cost-effective, compliant ways to protect their customers’ personal information.

Peer Mountain facilitates secure transactions between individuals, businesses, and governments, while maintaining privacy and preventing data exposure to third parties.

Eliminate Risk

Peer Mountain instances help eliminate liability and reputational risk that comes with storing sensitive personal data.

Portable Privacy

Identities in the Peer Mountain ecosystem remain secure and verifiable everywhere, in all transactions.

Real Service Support

Peer Mountain supports the safe delivery of real services (e.g. credit, loans, retail transactions, insurance) in any fiat or crypto currency.

Use Cases

Cost-Effective GDPR Compliance

The Peer Mountain ecosystem allows granular, pseudo-anonymous sharing of information so that businesses can operate without the burden and high cost of storing sensitive data.

Increase security in online transactions

Consumers get peace of mind when making purchases. Peer Mountain keeps their data and communications encrypted and safe in its ecosystem of trust.

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