Trust in the Digital Economy

Peer Mountain is the cross blockchain protocol that connects self sovereign ID holders with businesses, enabling commerce at scale.

The only decentralized identity and compliance ecosystem that puts people in control of their protected personal information, delivers instant cost effective risk reduction to businesses and pays ID verifiers for their trustworthiness.

Helping businesses engage and protect their customers

Peer Mountain is making blockchain commerce a reality. Using a forms-based architecture, businesses can seamlessly transact data with self-sovereign identity (SSID) solutions to improve the security and efficiency of their commercial operations.

Patent-pending Peerchain™ technology encrypts and decentralizes data in all its states, providing businesses with automated regulatory data protection compliance and push-button auditing.

  • Automated onboarding increases operational efficiency
  • Swift, secure ID verification improves customer experience
  • Blockchain audit trail provides push-button auditing and instant regulatory data protection compliance
  • Decentralized data operations reduce risk of data breaches and hacking

Peer Mountain is always FREE for individuals. They simply need to download the mobile app and set up their profile to start enjoying the benefits of membership in Peer Mountain’s ecosystem of identity, trust, and commerce.

Solving the digital identity crisis

Official identity
Information can be stolen from organizations that centralize the data they collect.

Personal identity
Details are commodities that can be purchased for potentially corrupt purposes.

One Digital Identity
Peer Mountain facilitates identity consolidation through an intuitive mobile application, providing the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive, blockchain-based identity protection.

This is Peer Mountain

Peer Mountain Token (PMT)

  • Utility token fueling the Peerchain protocol
  • Verifiers earn PMT based on trustworthiness
  • Attestations become new revenue streams for institutions

Mobile app

  • App in Alpha
  • v.1 release in Fall
  • Co-build with major financial institution


  • A seamless P2P blockchain network made up of Peer Mountain instances; that is, blocks of nodes across parties that require trust.

Use Cases

As Peer Mountain is an open protocol, businesses can apply it to any use case where they need personal information from customers, and need to verify their identities.

A driver can complete and submit a car rental form with a few taps and instantly receive digital keys to their rental in their PM profile.

The car rental agency gets ID verification, and all other required information, without actually seeing any data.

The driver can use multiple ID verifiers to complete complex forms, then give the car rental agency access to the verifications – never detailed personal information.

An ecosystem of identity, trust, and commerce

Peer Mountain sits at the intersection of

  • businesses who need continuous, reliable data protection compliance and efficient service delivery
  • people who want self-sovereign identity
  • ID verifiers seeking new revenue streams.

Peer Mountain connects all three groups as the facilitating technology for a versatile trust ecosystem.

Businesses can speed up, and protect form-reliant processes with an enterprise-driven solution that is fully compatible with other SSID solutions.

Peerchain™ unlocks blockchain’s full potential

Patent-pending PeerchainTM architecture solves some of the key issues of this rapidly evolving technology, offering a wealth of benefits that include:

  • Easy scalability
    Anyone can run as many local instances as they wish.
  • Maximum versatility
    Blockchain-agnostic architecture ensures that Peer Mountain instances function seamlessly on any blockchain platform.
  • New revenue streams
    Anyone can be an ID verifier and earn PMT whenever their verifications are used in the Peer Mountain ecosystem.
  • Instant data protection compliance
    People share only the information they want to share, and not the data itself, but verifications based on zero-knowledge proof.
  • Increased business opportunities
    PeerchainTM offers access to new international markets in the blockchain sphere.

The Peer Mountain Token (PMT)

The PMT is the utility token for measuring the value of trust within Peer Mountain’s peer-to-peer ecosystem. Token holders can use it to pay for ID verifications in the Peer Mountain network.

With millions of trust-based transactions occurring daily, the demand for PMT is likely to grow. Due to its finite supply, the token is also likely to rise in value as transaction velocity and utilization increases.

Designed using Ethereum, the ERC-20 compatible PMT is cross-chain compatible. Holders can exchange or use it across multiple Peer Mountain instances, with the Ethereum mainnet acting as a transfer rail.

Get bonus PMT in the early rounds of the ICO

Get 30% bonus PMT the 1st round of our transparent, fair, and compliant ICO – sign up now to get on the whitelist!

Round Round 0 Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5
User Type Priority first Public Public Public Public Public
ETH to raise: 2,333 ETH 3,301 ETH 4,671 ETH 6,608 ETH 9,349 ETH 13,227 ETH
PMT per ETH: 4,286 per ETH 3,968 per ETH 3,674 per ETH 3,402 per ETH 3,150 per ETH 2,917 per ETH
Discount rate: 30% discount 24% discount 18% discount 12% discount 5% discount 0% discount
PMTs distributed: 10,000,000 13,100,000 17,161,000 22,480,910 29,449,992 38,579,490 
User Type: Priority first
Start: June
ETH to raise: 2,333 ETH
PMT per ETH 4,286 per ETH
Discount rate 30% discount
PMTs distributed: 10,000,000
User Type: Public
Start: Starts after Round 0 is complete
ETH to raise: 3,301 ETH
PMT per ETH 3,968 per ETH
Discount rate 24% discount
PMTs distributed: 13,100,000
User Type: Public
Start: Starts after Round 1 is complete
ETH to raise: 4,671 ETH
PMT per ETH 3,674 per ETH
Discount rate 18% discount
PMTs distributed: 17,161,000
User Type: Public
Start: Starts after Round 2 is complete
ETH to raise: 6,608 ETH
PMT per ETH 3,402 per ETH
Discount rate 12% discount
PMTs distributed: 22,480,910
User Type: Public
Start: Starts after Round 3 is complete
ETH to raise: 9,349 ETH
PMT per ETH 3,150 per ETH
Discount rate 5% discount
PMTs distributed: 29,449,992
User Type: Public
Start: Starts after Round 4 is complete
ETH to raise: 13,227 ETH
PMT per ETH 2,917 per ETH
Discount rate 0% discount
PMTs distributed: 38,579,490

The public token sale will start once we have allocated the pre-sale PMT tokens. Stay tuned!

We will distribute tokens to buyers after each round is completed. Tokens will only be transferable after the token sale closes.

Meet the team behind Peer Mountain

Peer Mountain’s founder, Jed Grant, has been developing this idea over the last 10 years, and filed the first IP protection of the current architecture under “The Trust Project” in 2015. Recently, Jed was named as one of Europe’s Top 200 FinTech Leaders.

Jed Grant, MBA

CEO, 설계자 및 이상주의자

Dr. Markus Forster

데이터 과학자

Federico Cardoso

블록체인 설계자

Ignacio Althabe

블록체인 개발자

Gabriel Pineda

백엔드 개발자

Luis Giunta

소프트웨어 엔지니어

Florian Lagouche

블록체인 데브옵스 엔지니어

Mark Rogers

Mobile Lead

Stefan Vartolomeev

모바일 설계자

Pavel Pavlov

모바일 개발자

Antonia Cherkrachieva

모바일 개발자

Jaime Prieto

컴플라이언스 담당자

Initial user base of up to 12 million

Rollout planned to start in 2018 with a major Swiss financial institution and a major German automaker, both of whom are already on board.

Intended rollout to 3 million Swiss and 9 million German users by the end of 2019, for a total of 12 million users. From there, adoption should increase rapidly.

피어마운틴 연대표

Updating trust and transforming digital commerce

Peer Mountain emerged from the desire to create a ‘human-scale’ system of trust that works for all trust-based purposes, for everyone, everywhere in the world.

Backed by KYC3, a separate business operating in the ID verification space since June 2014, Peer Mountain has been developing its groundbreaking Peerchain™ technology and generating commercial interest. It drafted its first commercial agreements in 2016, when main development began.

With commercial partners already on board, tested and proven code, and extensive market awareness, Peer Mountain will be launching its ecosystem of trust with the best chance of success.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the answers to your questions

Peer Mountain 사용자 (기업 혹은 개인)이 증명을 소비할 때마다, 그 사용자는 Peer Mountain 및 증명 제공자 사이에 분배되는 소액을 지불합니다. 예를 들어, 사업주의 대출 신청을 검토하는 은행은 소유주의 프로필, Peer Mountain을 통해서 안전하게 공유된 관련된 일부를 확인합니다. 은행은 과거에 기업 소유주와 거래한 모든 Peer Mountain 사용자들의 증명을 확인하여, 증명을 ‘소비’합니다. 이렇게 되면, Peer Mountain은 각 증명에 대한 소액을 은행으로부터 지불 받으며, 이는 증명 제공자와 분배됩니다. 당사는 충분한 트랜잭션 양이 상당한 수익을 창출할 것이라고 기대합니다.

Peer Mountain은 민감한 고객 정보를 저장하는 기업들의 짐을 덜어줄 수 있습니다. 각 사용자들의 신원은 완전하며, 안전하고, 자체적이기에, 기업은 더 이상 다루기 힘든 각 고객에 대한 부분적인 서류 일체를 준수 및 유지해야할 필요가 없습니다. 기업들은 이제, 기존의 중앙 집중형 데이터 저장, 프로세싱 및 전송 시스템과 관련된 막대한 위험과 비용을 떠맡을 필요없이 관련 세부사항을 조회해야할 때, 이를 조회할 수 있습니다.

또한, Peer Mountain은 기업이 증명 제공자로서 새로운 매출원을 개발하도록 합니다.

모든 엔드 유저들은 Peer Mountain을 무료로 이용할 수 있습니다.

당사 텔레그램 채널에 참여하시고 Peer Mountain 블로그를 팔로우하시기를 권장합니다. 지속적인 업데이트를 확인하시려면, 트위터, 페이스북, 링크드인, 및 레딧을 팔로우할 수 있습니다.

당사는 Peer Mountain을 어떠한 합법적으로 규제된 환경에서의 신뢰할 수 있는 상업을 위한 세계의 블록체인 어플리케이션 표준으로 배치하기 위하여 150,000 ETH를 모금하는 것을 목표로 합니다. 자세한 내용은 당사 토큰 세일 페이지를 방문해주세요.

ICO는 2018년 초에 실시될 예정입니다. 화이트 리스트에 등록된 계정을 위한 오픈 세일 1주 전에 시작될 예정인 선주문 구매가 실시될 예정입니다.

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