Our team has the know-how to deliver a top-performing platform and superior user experience. We’re on course to deploy Peer Mountain globally within a short time frame so that our ecosystem delivers its true value to its investors, and users, quickly. To ensure a successful ICO, we’re also working with several trusted advisors who are experts in token offerings.

Our Team

Jed Grant, MBA

CEO, Lead Architect, & Visionary

Leader. Technologist. KYC/AML expert. 25 years of turning bold ideas into benefit-rich solutions.
Get to know Jed.

Dr. Markus Forster

Data Scientist

Big data expert. Complexity analyst. Algorithm designer.
Get to know Markus.

Joel Wealer

Lead Project Manager

Entrepreneur and experienced blockchain investor.

Federico Cardoso

Blockchain Architect

Pioneering blockchain solution developer. Fintech visionary.
Get to know Federico.

Ignacio Althabe

Blockchain Developer

Full-stack developer, teamwork activist, open-source advisor, and blockchain evangelist.
Get to know Ignacio.

Gabriel Pineda

Backend Developer

Senior software engineer and architect for backend systems. Learn, improve and solve. Love working with enthusiasts.

Luis Giunta

Software Engineer

Senior software engineer and frontend developer. Puts the UX on chain.

Florian Lagouche

Blockchain DevOps Engineer

Blockchain enthusiast. Automation expert for streamlining operations and processes.
Get to know Florian.

Mark Rogers

Mobile Lead

Experienced tech entrepreneur. Leader of a highly skilled mobile development team.
Get to know Mark.

Stefan Vartolomeev

Mobile Architect

Passionate about system architecture and data modeling. Scales startups from zero to beyond MVP.

Pavel Pavlov

Mobile Architect

17 years of dedication to quality architectures and code. Multinational team scrum master.

Antonia Cherkrachieva

Mobile Developer

Detail focused mobile developer. Expert in testing and QA.

Jaime Prieto

Compliance Officer

Lawyer specialising in financial crime, AML, anti-corruption and counter-terrorism financing.

Marc Garriga

Digital Marketing

Blockchain enthusiast and former Fortune 500 business manager.

Patrick Seguin

Content Manager

Writer specializing in content production and management for global tech companies.

Ekaterina Semeshina

UI/UX Design

Creating usable and delightful web and mobile experiences.

Anna Krol

Community Manager

Experienced in building and retaining strong active online communities through social media channels.

Dominique Rademacher

Web Developer

Developer and designer specializing in user experience, clean code and lean design.


Prof. Jorge Sanz

Head of Finance Innovation, LIST

Prof. Jos van Bommel

Assoc. Prof. of Finance, University of Luxembourg

Dr. Thomas Ankenbrand

Lecturer, IFZ, Hochschule Luzern

Prof. Thomas Engel

Head of SECAN-LAB,

Jeremy Epstein

CEO, Never Stop Marketing

Marcelo Garcia Casil


Marco Houwen

Project Lead,

Laurent Leloup

CEO, Chaineum

Javier Tamashiro

APAC FCC CTA, Credit Suisse

Jan C. Reinhart

CEO, Reinhard Capital

Bertrand Manhe

COO, GENII Capital

Guillaume Dubray

Partner, Polytech Ventures

Max Wolter

CEO, Alantor

Christophe Bach

Mentor, Fintech Fusion