Gain a better understanding of Peer Mountain’s ecosystem of trust and the Peer Mountain Token (PMT).

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We are hiring more developers and community manager. We are considering an Ambassador Advisor program for community outreach.

The Peer Mountain website and mobile app will handle and protect ID data in accordance with data protection laws in effect.

Peer Mountain is using KYC3 for KYC verification.

We are in talks with exchanges. The Peer Mountain ecosystem requires a fiat/PMT exchange in order for service providers and attestation providers to trade PMT.

There is a six-month post-listing minimum for the Peer Mountain team and advisors. The only exception will be for team members who go “all-in” on PMT and are allowed to move a normal wage amount without vesting.

There is a fixed supply of PMT, 40% of which we will sell now. As we will not issue new tokens in the future, we won’t be able to do more than one token sale.

We will use funding to develop Peer Mountain’s technology and ecosystem, establish regulatory frameworks, and conduct R&D on cryptonomics designed to further improve Peer Mountain and benefit other crypto ecosystems.

Pre-sale from the end of January through February 2018. Crowdsale in March 2018.

Round 0 buyers will get a discount (currently estimated at 30%). Minimum investment will be 1 PMT. Buyers over 250 EUR in value will have to provide basic KYC information (name, nationality), and buyers over 10,000 EUR may have to provide more details.

Discount from Round 1 through the first several rounds (normally about five rounds).

Join our Telegram channel. Sign up to get on the pre-sale whitelist. For the latest Peer Mountain news, follow us on Twitter, Medium, Reddit, and Steem.

The softcap is 2,333 ETH. Our SmartcapTM algorithm will determine the final cap, currently estimated at $30mm-$40mm – depending on ETH price. Learn about SmartcapTM and how it ensures a fair and transparent ICO.

The SmartcapTM will determine the total amount of PMT. Of that amount, the sale represents 40% and the remaining 60% will be issued at distribution. Learn about SmartcapTM and how it ensures a fair and transparent ICO.

Yes, there is a whitelist for participating in the Peer Mountain Token pre-sale. To get on it, click on the Sign Up button in the upper right corner of this website and enter your email address. You’ll receive a welcome email with initial instructions. You’ll receive further instructions in subsequent emails from Peer Mountain.

  • Minimum raise softcap – complete Round 0 of the SmartcapTM.
  • Maximum raise is determined by SmartcapTM and estimated at $30mm to $40mm. Learn about SmartcapTM and how it ensures a fair and transparent ICO.

Multi-sig wallet based on Nano-S cold wallets.

We accept payment in ETH.

We use the Peer Mountain Token (PMT). Peer Mountain will distribute via the token sale. Some enterprise users will buy PMT directly from Peer Mountain, and future users will buy/sell on the exchanges.

No, PMT cannot be mined.

The supply will be determined by the SmartcapTM and will be capped at the end of the ICO. We estimate this to be between 200 million and 500 million tokens. Learn about SmartcapTM and how it ensures a fair and transparent ICO.

PMT are used to pay for invitations to the Peer Mountain ecosystem and for establishing trust in commercial transactions. Service providers make micropayments in PMT every time they use Peer Mountain for identity verification. Peer Mountain attestation engines (i.e. entities that confirm the authenticity of identity documents) receive PMT for the use of their attestations.

Yes, if you are trustworthy and your certificates about other users are valued, you will earn PMT every time those certificates are used by others.

It could, but this is not the main objective.

Because they can use them to offer services, hold them, or sell them on an exchange.

No, except for the initial parity setting with ETH in the token sale.

You store them in your wallet. Any ERC-20-compatible wallet should work.

We may adjust the parity, but this will be fixed before the ICO, and will be known to all buyers before they buy.

PMT are used for offering services on Peer Mountain instances. Service providers will need the tokens and will buy them. HODLing PMT may be a very interesting strategy, especially as there are many facts, such as the identities of our partners, that are under NDA and will be disclosed post ICO.

Peer Mountain provides a blockchain ecosystem of enterprise-deployed Peer Mountain instances that any user can access with a simple Android or iOS app on their phone. To use Peer Mountain, first you take photos of documents (e.g. passport, driver’s licence) and selfies to create your personal identity dossier. You can then share encrypted information from these dossiers with businesses, institutions, and other individuals to confirm your identity and acquire goods and services.

As PMT is a closed ecosystem, we shouldn’t worry about volatility from a service and system standpoint.

Peer Mountain attestation providers earn PMT for identity validation, or providing certificates. Service providers need to pay PMT in order to offer services. PMT will be traded on exchanges so that service providers can buy them, and certificate providers can sell them. Anyone can be a service provider and/or certificate provider.

Every time a Peer Mountain user (business or individual) consumes an attestation, that user makes a micropayment that is split between Peer Mountain and the Attestation Provider. For example, a bank considering making a loan to a business owner might check that owner’s profile, relevant parts of which have been securely shared through Peer Mountain. The bank will see the attestations of all the users that have done business with the business owner in the past, thereby ‘consuming’ the attestations. When this happens, Peer Mountain receives a micropayment from the bank for each attestation, which is split with the Attestation Providers. We expect sufficient transaction volume to generate significant revenue.

Peer Mountain relieves businesses of the burden of storing sensitive information about consumers. Because each user’s identity is complete, secure, and self-sovereign, businesses no longer need to compile and maintain unwieldy, partial dossiers on each customer. They can now view relevant details when they need to without assuming the enormous risk and cost associated with older systems of data storage. As an added bonus, businesses can generate significant revenue through Peer Mountain by acting as Attestation Providers.

Peer Mountain is free for all end-users.

The best way to stay on top of all things Peer Mountain is to speak with us on Telegram. Follow our blog for the latest Peer Mountain news. For continuous coverage, you can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Reddit.

We intend to raise 39,488 ETH to build and deploy Peer Mountain into the world’s blockchain application standard for trustworthy commerce in any legally regulated environment. For more information please visit the Token Sale page.

The ICO will take place in early 2018. There will be a pre-order phase for whitelisted accounts (on the email list) that will start one week before the open sale.

Patent-pending Peerchain technology turns compliance and data ownership on its head and links the two for enterprise clients. It also overcomes public chain scalability issues without compromising trust. The Peer Mountain Token is the first trust-driven token. And we’ve already signed terms with two major corporations.

Peer Mountain is an ecosystem of trust built on an interchain protocol called Peerchain. Enterprises and institutions deploy Peer Mountain in semi-private chain instances that do not require data storage on any fully public chain, although organizations can store data in this way if necessary.

As an enterprise solution, organizations can deploy Peer Mountain according to national borders and in compliance with regulatory/legal requirements.

As a trust protocol, Peer Mountain can aggregate identity schemes into any individual user’s identity; users can then share these schemes with parties they trust. In other words, his distributed, decentralized trust protocol acts as an aggregator of siloed identity solutions.

Despite being enterprise-deployed, Peer Mountain enables individuals to transport their digital assets from Peer Mountain instance to Peer Mountain instance transparently and under their consent and control – even across instances in separate jurisdictions.

Peer Mountain is a marketplace built around self-sovereign identity. It allows businesses and people using different systems and diverse blockchain technologies to communicate and transact with one another. Use Peer Mountain to share relevant aspects of your secure identity with any organization in the marketplace, regardless of the specific systems they use. Through our patented Peerchain technology, we facilitate interoperability among all entities.

Anybody on Peer Mountain can easily be an attestation provider. Whenever you do business with someone else through Peer Mountain, you attest to whether that person or organization fulfilled their obligation. Then, any time another user checks the trustworthiness of that person or organization, you receive a micropayment. End users and businesses alike can be attestation providers.

An attestation is any time a person or organization confirms that another party has honored (or failed to honor) an obligation on Peer Mountain.

If you have any more questions, join our Telegram channel, where we’ll be happy to answer them!

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